“Observe nature. What other teacher do you need” - Antoine - Louis Borge

A small series reflecting YEG’s river valley system

It's a nature lovers wonder. With the ever changing colors of the four seasons. Take in a part of history at Fort Edmonton Park, or how about riding the currents to Fort Sask. Throw a line in while your at it.

There's the dinging of bells along the one of many paths and trails or the sound of music. Through rain or shine, and sometimes three feet of snow, festivals, festivals and more festivals.

Accidental beaches or a party on the Edmonton Queen Riverboat. And who can forget the fireworks, or the High Level Bridge all lit up. Fore!! Look out for those errand golf shots. 

Whatever your outdoor pleasure, YEG's river valley has something for everyone. 

And now would like to share a few pieces with you to commemorate this wicked little piece of history.